Ethics and Compliance

Corporate Policies

We know that responsible practices start with us. Ethical business practices are at the heart of Palo Alto Networks and we are committed to operating with integrity and transparency through our policies.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Palo Alto Networks regularly trains employees on important topics, such as anticorruption, business ethics, confidential information, conflicts of interest, insider trading, privacy and other compliance topics.

Global Supplier Code of Conduct

Suppliers are expected to maintain the same ethical standards as we do. This applies to matters such as business interactions, manufacturing processes and applicable laws.

Conflict Minerals Policy & Report

We believe in and support international human rights, including in our supply chain. It is imperative that all of our suppliers uphold the same level of integrity and support for human rights wherever we do business around the globe.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

We are committed to ensuring that our supply chain is free from human trafficking or modern slavery. We believe in upholding the human rights of all workers and treating workers with dignity and respect.

Human Rights Policy

Palo Alto Networks believes human rights are the fundamental rights, freedoms, and standards of treatment to which all people are entitled, and we are committed to respecting these rights.