Suddenly, AI-Powered Threats Don’t Seem So Intelligent

Cosmos out-innovates adversaries with AI, providing faster and more accurate detection of threats to prevent patient zero.

Introducing Nebula PAN-OS 10.2

Say hello to the latest upgrade of our industry-leading PAN-OS® software. A reference to interstellar clouds, the name Nebula represents the ability of PAN-OS 10.2 to leverage cloud compute for AI and inline deep learning techniques to secure the modern enterprise with unmatched performance.

Stop zero-day threats in zero time

Our latest network security innovations add inline deep learning and harness the processing power of the cloud. Nebula ushers in a new era of cybersecurity by doing what other solutions can't: stopping today's most sophisticated attacks as they happen.

Stop Zero-Day Malware with Zero Stress

26% more zero-day threats stopped – with Nova.

AMERICAS: JAN. 31, 2023 @ 10 AM PST
ASIA-PACIFIC: 1 FEB 2023 @ 11:30 AM SGT
EUROPE: 1 FEB 2023 @ 10 AM CET


Stop Evasive Threats Instantly

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that is ideal for detecting unknown and evasive threats. Our deep learning system analyzes live traffic, detecting and preventing today’s most sophisticated attacks as they happen – all without sacrificing performance.

  • Prevent what others don’t

    48% greater detection of command and control, 40% more coverage of DNS-layer attacks and 40% increased detection of phishing threats, than any other leading vendors.

  • Real-time enforcement

    Ultra-low latency global network streams verdicts from cloud and on-premises security deployments, delivering prevention in milliseconds.

  • Speed and power

    Purpose-built for deep learning with 6X faster processing and cloud-scale compute to power real-time protection.

Stop Evasive Threats Instantly

The next era of cybersecurity includes:

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