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Minera Exar: Robust Protection for Network, Cloud and Endpoints in a Challenging Environment

By mid-2022, Minera Exar, an Argentinian company in the mining sector, will start to produce lithium at its plant located in northwestern Argentina.
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“First rate product & service allowing a holistic approach to CI/CD security from Build, Test, Release, Deploy and Run phases”

CSIRT Manager in the Retail Industry
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“Prisma was really easy to bring on board, and their team was really helpful and energetic. We were able to quickly identify and correct weaknesses in our security posture.”

Director of Technology Operations in the Services Industry
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“Ease of integration and implementation of security policies and controls across multi-clouds. The report generated on non-compliance policy assets is very user friendly and helpful in narrowing down to assets which require remediation.”

Manager of SecOps, Services, Security and Risk Management
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Prisma Cloud Customer Stories

Minera Exar: Robust Protection for Network, Cloud and Endpoints in a Challenging

By mid-2022, Minera Exar, an Argentinian company in the mining sector, will start to produce lithium at its plant located in northwestern Argentina.

Globe Telecom Strengthens Security Capabilities by Deploying Robust and Timely Solutions From Palo Alto Networks

Globe Telecom, the largest mobile operator in the Philippines, set the foundation for robust technology infrastructure in 2014 when its board envisioned the need to take steps to fortify its cybersecurity.

3-GIS Secures AWS Workloads with Palo Alto Networks

A comprehensive SecOps solution allows the 3-GIS team to manage compliance and visibility in its AWS environments.

Cuebiq Implements DevSecOps at Scale with Prisma Cloud

The Cuebiq engineering team can fearlessly identify and assess security vulnerabilities before putting code into production.

How ElevenPaths Engineered Cloud Security as a Service with Prisma Cloud

Leaving traditional security tools and approaches behind, ElevenPaths achieves the visibility and control it needs to secure its clients’ cloud native innovation and infrastructure.

Gett Simplifies Compliance with Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks

In a 100% Kubernetes-based production environment, Gett can review and audit its security and compliance posture in its end-to-end AWS cloud environment.

DevSecOps in a Mission-Critical Environment

Joint Strike Fighter is using Prisma Cloud, CSP controls and Kubernetes to create a secure app development environment that has cut time to market from years to days.

ProLogis Achieves 20/20 Cloud Vision with Palo Alto Networks

Better visibility and better security allow ProLogis to fulfill its role in the shared responsibility model and account for risk across its cloud infrastructure.

Sabre Relies on Prisma Cloud to Foster a Culture of Secure Innovation on Google Cloud

“Shift left” capabilities and better security control across the CI/CD pipeline allow the team to fix security flaws in preproduction and improve overall security posture.

Pokémon Simplifies Security and Paves Rocky Road to Compliance with Prisma Cloud

Consistent monitoring and one-click reports simplify PCI DSS compliance while simple security, real-time alert reporting and automated configuration management help unite InfoSec and DevOps teams.

QlikTech Secures Container Development with AWS and Prisma Cloud

To secure its container-based AWS workloads, Qlik relies on Prisma Cloud to provide the runtime protection and static container scanning that is required to protect customers’ data.

Prisma Cloud Accelerates Iron Mountain’s Multi Cloud Strategy with Shift Left Security and Continuous Compliance

Prisma Cloud provides Iron Mountain with a unified view of all deployed resources across their multi-cloud infrastructure and enables DevSecOps for their 100+ person team.

Prisma Cloud Provides Visibility And Control To Confidently Secure Funding Societies’ Cloud Transformation

To successfully manage its multi-cloud resources and workloads and maintain compliance, Funding Societies chooses a comprehensive cloud security platform that helps reduce the volume of alerts by 80%.


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